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Support for Interfaith Academic Programs of LSTC

The seminary has long been teaching courses on Jewish contributions to Christian thought, and since 1991 has offered courses on Islam and Christian-Muslim relations.

Class offerings by Christian and Muslim faculty

Classes in Islam, Interfaith, and Christian-Muslim relations are routinely offered. Muslim scholars and students also participate in these courses. Leaders from other faith traditions lecture in several disciplines, such as Ecology, Pastoral Care, Old Testament/Hebrew, etc.

Courses in Islam and Christian-Muslim relations are also available at other institutions of the Association of Chicago Theological Schools (ACTS). These offerings provide many opportunities for students who wish to take a course or two in Christian-Muslim relations or for students seeking a concentration in Christian-Muslim studies.

Download our current "Inter-Religious Studies in Hyde Park 2014-2016" brochure (PDF).

Interfaith Emphasis Study Program

This curricular emphasis enables M.Div. and M.A. students to acquire knowledge and expertise in at least one religious tradition besides their own.  It has been designed to equip students to participate in respectful dialogue with people of other faiths and to engage constructively others in religiously diverse communities.  The Interfaith Emphasis provides a structure within which students develop their ability to articulate their own faith commitments and engage in theological reflection with members of other faith traditions.  Students may request the Director of the Interfaith Emphasis or another member of the faculty involved in interfaith work to serve as their advisor.

Mosque Visits

Students are encouraged to attend salat (daily ritual prayer) at an area mosque during their study at LSTC.  CCME arranges one opportunity each semester for students to meet and learn from one of our partner communities or institutions.  Visits often include a meal and discussion in addition to the observance of prayer with our Muslim friends.

Lectures, Presentations, Conferences and Seminars

Formal and informal lectures, discussions and presentations are hosted monthly throughout the academic year.  Guests from around the world and local leaders share with students about what it means to be involved in a multi-faith environment.

Academic Conferences and Seminars occur periodically to enhance interfaith education for both faculty and students.  Pedagogical and practical topics have been addressed, spurring the community to think creatively and deeply about important interfaith matters.

If you are interested in study at LSTC in its interfaith academic programs, please contact our Admissions Office.


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